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Error: ’The internet address for this user is not unique’ when registering a new user

Vladislav Tatarincev  1 November 2016 13:57:54
In one of my IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator projects, I faced strange issue,  Users no longer registered in IBM Domino. Error message was Error: 'The internet address for this user is not unique'

Luckily solution was working fine for few weeks, this gave me a hit that this is not a bug in my TDI solution, or LotusScript agent that does real registration, but some where else.
In this customer case, they created user in Active Directory, and then TDI did remaining (registration, modification, renaming, blocking, deleting) in IBM Domino.

Last thing added to clients configuration was added Directory Assistance, to allow users login with AD Passwords. Since data / user was born in AD, they also been set a internet Address like "[email protected]"
When you have Directory Assistance configured, Domino will check if user is unique not only in Domino, but (!!! TADAM) in AD also. if not unique, Notes Registration will fail.

I opened a PMR with IBM and they confirmed that I was true, that issue is caused by Directory Assistance. IBM has a SPR - SPR # ELAV9NKRDA Title: Enhancement Request: Option to disable Internet Address lookup on secondary/external directories during user registration
There is an official IBM Technote http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21279561 which says nothing about Directory Assistance, and a bit missleading, that user was registered while ago.

The workaround IBM Suggested and it is easy to implement and it is simple.
when registering user, set  
reg.MailInternetAddress = "SPR_ELAV9NKRDA"+OriginalEmailAddress
call RegisterNewUser

then when user is registered, get a names.nsf user record and change
doc.internetAddress = OriginalEmailAddress.

Since it took some :) of my time, hope google will index it and will help somebody.