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Traveler before is not failing over to other mail cluster node, if primary server is down, and how to avoid it

Vladislav Tatarincev  7 July 2014 13:29:47
If you have two mail servers in cluster and Traveler on separate machine(DMZ), and your traveler below 9.0.1 you may face Traveler outage if Primary server goes down.
"Tell Traveler showuser username" shows user is fine and traveler is aware of second server, but new mails may not arrive because of bug
This fix will be included in Notes Traveler 9.0.1 IF3 and IF4 and any future releases.  See this technote for the latest maintenance release information.

When you bring primary server down, dont forget to restart Traveler, or you can outomate this by events4.nsf, by creating Domino server monitor.
Selecting that Traveler is monitoring Primary server, and in case server is down for while send a console command "Restart Task Traveler"

default timeout is 3 seconds, I think it is better rise it to 20-30 seconds, to avoid annecessary restarts of Traveler cause by network issues.
Image:Traveler before is not failing over to other mail cluster node, if primary server is down, and how to avoid itImage:Traveler before is not failing over to other mail cluster node, if primary server is down, and how to avoid it

Customizing Mail Setting/policy document to push custom values, for example push date format in iNotes

Vladislav Tatarincev  2 July 2014 10:18:39
One of our customers has asked to modify iNotes date format from american to european from mm.dd.yyyy to
After small research I found that only way is to do it manually. it is not ok if you have several thousands users :)

In Lotus forum I found valuable information
Thanks Pataree Ngamwongwan for sharing this info.

MailPolicy document contains $PolicyProfiles document that has value "$DWA:inotesprofile":"$DOLS:dolsofflineconfiguration" which mean that all fields that starts with $DWA will be pushed by policy to iNotesProfile document.

so all you need to do is open Mail Setting document in designer and add two fields. one is $DWADateFormat and $DWADateFormat$UP.  first will contain value of dateformat, and second $UP is responsible how this setting is applied. So far I was able to get it working for newly create mailfiles.

My colleague found technote by IBM Support, that helps to fix existing mailfiles.
How to change the date format of all users to dd/mm/yyyy in Domino Web Access preferences

As you understand you can add more fields to be pushed, or even other profile documents or custom profile documents.

Limitation of Directory Assistance use in Domino Express has been removed

Vladislav Tatarincev  27 June 2014 14:24:41
While a go Domino Express had some limitations, like Clustering, Directory assistance. Many years ago Cluster limitation was removed, and now Express clients can have 1 cluster which consists of two servers (nodes).

We were solving issue with Traveler Server configured as Configuration directory loosing Primary Domino Directory and located that "Allow this directory to be used as a remote primary directory for other servers" is obsolete.
Image:Limitation of Directory Assistance use in Domino Express has been removed
Now suggested way is to configure Directory Assistance to lookup people, which gives more flexibility in large environments when you have <10 servers. (only 5 first where lookuped in previous/obsolete configuration).
See documentation
and IBM Domino Express licence description

Enabling Citrix Mobile Device Manager to work together with IBM Lotus Traveler and IBM Lotus Companion

Vladislav Tatarincev  18 June 2014 15:23:28
Citrix MDM supports IBM Lotus Traveler from 2014.
While MDM is documented, integration with Lotus which was recently added is poorly documented.

If you want to allow Citrix WorxMail application to communicate with IBM Lotus Companion, you should allow it with this command:
ctxmail:, dominoencryptedemail

This command is configured in App Controller. You may also allow/deny some other setting, but integration with IBM Traveler is not documented. Hope it will save you couple days of investigation.
Image:Enabling Citrix Mobile Device Manager to work together with IBM Lotus Traveler and IBM Lotus Companion

IBM Connections on Oracle

Vladislav Tatarincev  18 April 2014 11:51:16
We had one issue, when installing IBM Connection on Oracle. During initial DB creation one SQL script that makes core database was missing.
Customer had environement on Windows but after some time we were able to find missing SQL scripts in Linux archive. hope might be usefull.

IBM Connect 2014 Comes to You (Latvija)

Vladislav Tatarincev  9 April 2014 13:11:35

17. Aprīlī notiks IBM Pasākums IBM Connect Comes to You. Tas būs īss atkārtojums no IBM konferences kas notika ASV.
Dienas kārtība

9:00 reģistrācija, rīta kafija

9:30 Sākuma uzruna, Sergejs Kostjučenko, IBM Latvia

9:40 Key Note, Key CONNECT 2014 messages, Gary Kearney*

10:25 Application Modernisation, SmartCloud - Gary Kearney (Worldwide Sales Leader-CEE), Maciej Magierek (IBM Collaboration Solutions Sales Specialist)
11:10 Coffee break
11:25 IBM Social Software + DEMO, Rafal Dancki, Collaboration Solutions Architect - Central and Eastern Europe
12:10 xDx software + DEMO, Rafal Dancki, Collaboration Solutions Architect - Central and Eastern Europe
13:00 Lunch break

Hall A

14:00 “Quantifying Business Value of Information Security”, Andris Soroka, Data Security Solutions, IBM Security Systems BP

15:00 Coffee break
15:15 IBM Endpoint manager - uzņēmuma IT aktīvu pārvaldība, Ingmārs Briedis, ALSO Latvia

Hall B
IBM Connections + Domino use cases Latvijas klientiem. Pieredze no reāliem projektiem. Integrācijas iespējas ar Domino un mobilajām ierīcēm - Vladislavs Tatarincevs, CYONE **

15:00 Coffee break
15:15 IBM Cognos biznesa inteliģences risinājums mūsdienīgai un efektīvai uzņēmumu vadībai,Māris Drone, NAVex Latvia
16:00 Vieglas uzkodas neformālā gaisotnē

*Gary Kearney - Worldwide Sales Leader-CEE, LOTUS.Solutions, IBM United States, IBM. 
In his fifteen-year career at IBM , Gary Kearney has held a variety of sales, marketing, and product-related leadership roles. Gary, has a broad based industry background in solution selling and has lead a number of key sales and marketing initiatives. Gary is currently the Worldwide Sales Leader for CEEMA and is responsible for driving the Lotus Notes software solution Strategy for customers worldwide.

** CYONE - Leading IT Company, with long time experience in IBM Lotus/Mobile Device Management/Identity Management and Domino Security

Aicinām reģistrēties pasākumam līdz 10. aprīlim ŠEIT

Dienas kārtība pdf formātā:

Citrix MDM adds support to Lotus Notes

Vladislav Tatarincev  12 March 2014 20:51:21

new version of Citrix MDM solution adds support of Lotus Notes. Citrix Mobile has two parts, just device management and application control.
Application part is not that everyone offers, it has a safe containter WORX that has inside it, your sensitive applications. so if someone can get access to phone, he needs additional PIN to access this safe container.

XenMobile 8.7 with support for iOS 7.1 – Available the week of March 17th, 2014
XenMobile 8.7 Improves user productivity and experience with expanded collaboration capabilities

Release Highlights:

Higher levels of user productivity through integration with enterprise apps
  • WorxMail support for Lotus Notes
  • One click access to Microsoft Lync meetings from WorxMail Calendar
  • FaceTime and SMS messaging integration with WorxMail Contacts
  • “Better than native” business-class calendar editing
  • Platform support for iOS 7.1 mobile devices
Where can I find additional product information?

Posters of IBM lotusScript and @Formula

Vladislav Tatarincev  10 February 2014 14:53:09
Back in 2006 Lotusphere (now IBM Connect) it was possible to get BIG posters with All the methods of LotusScript and @formulas.

Poster can be used in Open Office to put it on wall made of glass, or to show that Lotus person works here.

Of course it is very convenient to lookup all methods, and properties.

Found PDF of these posters on lotus site

it is sad that this poster is only 6.5, no longer supported.