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TDI Out of Memory Accessing large IBM Notes view and how to solve it :)

Vladislav Tatarincev  7 April 2016 14:43:23

One of my customers faced issue with TDI we were exporting some data from Notes to DB2.
Problem appears only when view has many thousands of documents.

Issue can be resolved by checking Conserve Memory checkbox. since I was unable to find it in support, hopefully Google with index it and it will help TDI people :)

15:44:32,310 ERROR - CTGDIS266E Error in NextIteratorEntry. Exception occurred: NotesException: Out of Memory  NotesException: Out of Memory
        at lotus.domino.local.NotesBase.PropGetObjArray(Native Method)
        at lotus.domino.local.Document.getItems(Unknown Source)
15:44:34,920 INFO  - CTGDIS100I Printing the Connector statistics.
15:44:34,920 INFO  -  [LotusNotesConnector] Get:4394, Errors:1
15:44:34,920 INFO  -  [DatabaseConnectorDB2] Add:4394

Image:TDI Out of Memory Accessing large IBM Notes view and how to solve it :)

    input languge changes to other / wrong language when using Microsoft Remote Desktop from Mac OS X

    Vladislav Tatarincev  7 April 2016 11:21:28
    For 5 years I am happy Mac user. But one things was very annoying is connecting from My Machine to Windows Servers since I do some administration.

    I live in Latvia, while I am Russian. I know four languages Latvian, Russian, English and French. I have Latvian, Russian and English configured on my Mac,  but when I connect to Windows Server, all of a sudden, Microsoft selects for me Lithuanian Language, on remote server. Lithuanian keyboard layout is not matching Latvian layout, so every time you type a command it is typing wrong symbols.
    For people who do programming in Microsoft, Latvia and Lithuania are two independent countries, with their own languages. Latvia and Lithuania are part of Europe. Europe is a territory on the opposite side of Atlantic Ocean.
    Microsoft programmer who made this bug should wonder - Wow! There are countries except ours?

    Anyway, yesterday I found solution, it is configured on remote server. Solution is ok for your servers, but every news server should be reconfigured. May be some one knows hot to change this on Mac level.
    You should create a key in  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout
    Key name is      IgnoreRemoteKeyboardLayout
    Type of key is REG_DWORD
    and value is 1

    Hope it will kelp you :)

    Latest IBM Traveler Verse iOS application 9.3.2 has notification sound finally fixed!

    Vladislav Tatarincev  24 February 2016 21:04:40
    My colleague Alexander K., has noticed that latest version of IBM Verse that arrived today, has notification sound fixed.
    Previously when new mail has arrived, there was no option to hear that you have new mail if you are using Verse client.

    Now it works like charm! Upgrade to 9.3.2 version, that arrived on 24FEB2016.

    We reported this issue many time from different clients, I am happy it is solved now. :)

    Image:Latest IBM Traveler Verse iOS application 9.3.2 has notification sound finally fixed!

    Update on IBM Certification during IBM Connect 2016

    Vladislav Tatarincev  2 February 2016 20:06:59
    You should receive a voucher code from IBM if you participate in IBM Connect 2016.
    If you are lucky like me, and have not received voucher, subscribe manually at the Certification table (if EXPO entrance is behind you, this table is to the left).

    Image:Update on IBM Certification during IBM Connect 2016

    If you participate in IBM Connect 2016, and wanna see rocket launch, you have a good chance

    Vladislav Tatarincev  1 February 2016 18:59:46
    One of Orlando attractions in Kennedy Space Center, been few times there. But this year , Kennedy offers something special to participants and guests of IBM Connect.
    There will be a launch of real space rocket on Friday. You can watch it from watch towers, it will cost you Kennedey Ticket+20 USD on top.
    More details here
    Image:If you participate in IBM Connect 2016, and wanna see rocket launch, you have a good chance

    Traveler is out and here is list of new features

    Vladislav Tatarincev  16 January 2016 17:41:55
    As I blogged two days ago, expected Traveler is out.
    Use Fix Central to get it

    Here is a release documentation IBM Traveler Server Release Documentation

    List of fixes is listed below or at technote

    It is sad that IBM is still not fixing sound issue , when new mail is arriving on iOS there is no sound. We have reported this under SPR MMIL-9YACP8

    Invalid NSF Version, when using LotusScript RegisterNewUser on Mixed 8.5/9.x or CA touched by 9.x client

    Vladislav Tatarincev  15 January 2016 09:59:03
    We have one environment where Administrators use small IBM Lotus Notes application, to administer users, Create, Rename, Reset passwords, etc.
    It was working fine for few years now, but all of a sudden, application stopped working. Error returned to request submitted by user is "INVALID NSF Version". Script fails on RegisterNewUser method.

    Checking ODS of Certlog.nsf, names.nsf, log.nsf and MailTemplate has not resolved this.

    At the end, my colleague has found that issue was related to CA task was touched (Modify Certified in Administrator) by Notes 9.0.1 client.
    Issue was resolved by resaving ICL db (Modify Certifier) with 8.5 Client.

    Since this issue took us some time, and also mentioned in Internet without solution, has decided to blog about it. Uncle Google will help to index it :)

    Traveler and updated APNS cert for iOS

    Vladislav Tatarincev  14 January 2016 13:41:34
    Traveler will be shortly available, of course you have iOS devices, so plan to upgrade Traveler server before 26FEB2016.

    since old APNS Certificate, used in PUSH notification will expire after this date.