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IBM Connections iOS application is finally available for Citrix MDM

Vladislav Tatarincev  12 January 2015 11:34:55
IBM Has published IBM Connections for XenMobile MDM solution
Citrix MDM allow to encrypt some applications and protect them with additional PINs or passwords.   So you can give your kid play Angry Birds, without risk some emails appear on facebook/twitter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: IBM Connections for Citrix is only for users whose company’s IT organization uses Citrix XenMobile for mobile device management. The Citrix Worx Home app should be installed on the device.

IBM® Connections is social software for your business. It enables you to build a network of colleagues and subject matter experts, and then leverage that network to further your business goals. You can discuss ideas, work collaboratively on presentations or proposals, share photos or files, plan and track project tasks, and much more. IBM Connections is a server product that is deployed on your company intranet or the IBM Connections Cloud. This IBM Connections mobile app extends access to that server for employees, like yourself, who are on the go directly from their iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This app can also be securely managed by your company administrator through server side policies.


- Securely drop documents, presentations and photos to your colleagues with Files.
- Find experts in your organization and build a social network with Profiles.
- Join together with others to accomplish business goals thru Communities.
- Influence and share your expertise thru Blogs and Wikis.
- Get everyone on the same page using Bookmarks.
- Track your project progress to success with Activities.
- Share news, links and status across your network at any time.
- IBM Docs secure in-app editing and viewing *
- Edit documents collaboratively with other team members in real time *
- Give presentations over AirPlay, with speaker notes and slide control
- View and print documents, presentations, and spreadsheets over AirPrint

* Editing not avaliable for IBM Connections Cloud

In order to access your company Connections server, you will need a userid and password along with the URL address of the server. The app will prompt you for this information. To use this app, your company must have deployed IBM Connections 3.0.1 (or higher) with the latest APAR applied for mobile (Connections server 4.0 or higher is recommended). Connections 4.5 CR2 offers the highest level of performance and features. App management features are only available on servers which also have CR2 or higher applied. Check with your company administrator if you aren't experiencing all of the capabilities described.

In order to access your Connections files on IBM Connections Cloud Engage using the app:
- When you start the app tap IBM Connections Social for where you want to connect.
- Enter the userid and password for your account.

If you are an end user and experiencing a problem, please contact your company IT help desk. If you are a Connections administrator experiencing a problem, please open a PMR with your IBM customer number. In addition to rating the app here at the App Store, you can tell us what we have done right or what we can do better by emailing IBM mobile software engineering directly at

Found one old but still actual presentation on Performance Tuning for Domino

Vladislav Tatarincev  6 January 2015 12:22:49
My old presentation from Dutch Lotus User group in Amsterdam, October 2009.
still even in 2014/2015 many servers has same issues.

    Localization of IBM products in Latvian/Estonia/Lithuanian languages

    Vladislav Tatarincev  23 December 2014 07:47:51
    Hello, Baltic Lotus User group, we(CYONE) are in talks with IBM about localization of IBM Notes/IBM Connections for Baltic languages.
    Sometimes it is good to have English version of product because you may find more help/information in case you have issues, but sometime users, especially who may not know well English, ask for localized client. If you think good to have it, please comment on post with Your name, and need it or not.

    Slides from last seminar about IBM Connections

    Vladislav Tatarincev  23 December 2014 07:44:01
    slide from my last seminar about some IBM Notes 9/Domino 9 news, and mainly about IBM Connections.

      IBM Seminar for Latvian Lotus User Group. 05.12.2014 IBM Connections and IBM Verse

      Vladislav Tatarincev  4 December 2014 10:40:42
      Image:IBM Seminar for Latvian Lotus User Group. 05.12.2014 IBM Connections and IBM Verse
      CYONE, kopā ar ALSO un IBM, aicina apmeklēt IBM Semināru kurš notiks 13:00 2014. gada 5. decembrī Viesnīcā Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel, Kuģu ielā 24.
      Semināra tēmas:
      * Jaunumi IBM Lotus jomā (jaunās versijas, iespējas, IBM Lotus tuvākā gada plāni). Vladislav Tatarincev (CYONE) -   (13:00-13:30)
      * IBM Connections - korporatīvs sociāls tīkls, pieredze no Latvijas un ārzemju klientiem. Vladislav Tatarincev (CYONE) (13:30-14:30)
      * Kafijas Pauze (20 min)
      * IBM Mail Next (IBM Verse) nākamās paaudzes e-pasta klients. Dmitry Shpil (Angļu valoda) (IBM) -15:00-16:00
      Kafija, vīns, sarunas (16:00-17:00)

      Seminārā gaidīsim uzņēmumu vadītājus, personāla, lietvedības un informāciju tehnoloģiju speciālistus. registrācija
      Droši aiciniet kolēģus kuriem tas interesē.  Seminārs notiks latviešu un angļu valodās. Visiem klientiem nodrošināta bezmaksas autostāvvieta.

      Добрый день,
      CYONE совместно с ALSO и IBM приглашает вас посетить наш семинар, который пройдет 13:00 5 декабрая 2014 года, в гостинице Radisson Blu Daugava, улица Kuģu 24.
      Темы семинара
      * Новости в мире IBM Lotus (новые версии, планы развития) Владислав Татаринцев (CYONE) 13:00-13:30
      * IBM Connections - корпоративная социальная сеть, опыт клиентов из Латвии и заграничных клиентов. Владислав Татаринцев (CYONE) 13:30-14:30
      Перерыв (чай, кофе)
      *  IBM Mail Next (IBM Verse) Революционаая система работы с почтой, следующее поколение IBM Notes (Дмитрий Шпиль, IBM Russia) - на английском языке (15:00-16:00)
      Окончание семинара - неформальное общение за бокалом вина (16:00-17:00)

      Ждем на семинар рукодителей предпиятий, бизнес пользователей, специалистов информационных технологий. Регистрация
      Смело приглашайте коллег, которым это может быть интересно. Семинар пройдет на латышском и английском языках. Для всех клиентов - бесплатная автостоянка.

      IBM released Poodle patch for IBM Domino 9.0.x, 8.5,x

      Vladislav Tatarincev  4 November 2014 10:43:14
      IBM has published Poodle security hole patch for all OS and releases.

      Buckle up, Servers will be patched soon. :)

      Traveler before is not failing over to other mail cluster node, if primary server is down, and how to avoid it

      Vladislav Tatarincev  7 July 2014 13:29:47
      If you have two mail servers in cluster and Traveler on separate machine(DMZ), and your traveler below 9.0.1 you may face Traveler outage if Primary server goes down.
      "Tell Traveler showuser username" shows user is fine and traveler is aware of second server, but new mails may not arrive because of bug
      This fix will be included in Notes Traveler 9.0.1 IF3 and IF4 and any future releases.  See this technote for the latest maintenance release information.

      When you bring primary server down, dont forget to restart Traveler, or you can outomate this by events4.nsf, by creating Domino server monitor.
      Selecting that Traveler is monitoring Primary server, and in case server is down for while send a console command "Restart Task Traveler"

      default timeout is 3 seconds, I think it is better rise it to 20-30 seconds, to avoid annecessary restarts of Traveler cause by network issues.
      Image:Traveler before is not failing over to other mail cluster node, if primary server is down, and how to avoid itImage:Traveler before is not failing over to other mail cluster node, if primary server is down, and how to avoid it

      Customizing Mail Setting/policy document to push custom values, for example push date format in iNotes

      Vladislav Tatarincev  2 July 2014 10:18:39
      One of our customers has asked to modify iNotes date format from american to european from mm.dd.yyyy to
      After small research I found that only way is to do it manually. it is not ok if you have several thousands users :)

      In Lotus forum I found valuable information
      Thanks Pataree Ngamwongwan for sharing this info.

      MailPolicy document contains $PolicyProfiles document that has value "$DWA:inotesprofile":"$DOLS:dolsofflineconfiguration" which mean that all fields that starts with $DWA will be pushed by policy to iNotesProfile document.

      so all you need to do is open Mail Setting document in designer and add two fields. one is $DWADateFormat and $DWADateFormat$UP.  first will contain value of dateformat, and second $UP is responsible how this setting is applied. So far I was able to get it working for newly create mailfiles.

      My colleague found technote by IBM Support, that helps to fix existing mailfiles.
      How to change the date format of all users to dd/mm/yyyy in Domino Web Access preferences

      As you understand you can add more fields to be pushed, or even other profile documents or custom profile documents.