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Customizing DDM database to monitor custom tasks and tasks that should be in list, but they are not there like Traveler

Vladislav Tatarincev  24 April 2017 11:46:40
Domino Domain Monitoring is a Great tool that was introduced in Release 7.x
It can monitor ACL changes, if all servers are reachable, and a lot of other stuff. Please find more information here. IBM RedPaper

One of my clients scheduled some Traveler/HTTP restarts during the night, to free some memory and we wanted to be sure all tasks are back in business.
I decided to use DDM to monitor Traveler State, but all of a sudden, I found that DDM is able to monitor WEB Retriever, which was popular in 4.x version of Notes, but not now.
Anyway IBM please update list of tasks with Traveler please. In meanwhile You can open DDM database, REMOVE inheritance of template or make changes in template ddm.ntf.

Open Event Generator\Task Status and in Task name field add new keyword. Tadam! :) Save your work and create Traveler Status monitor. If task is Down notify yourself my mail, or schedule command to start it back.

Image:Customizing DDM database to monitor custom tasks and tasks that should be in list, but they are not there like Traveler

    Issue with FP8 =========== IBM Domino 901 FP8 corrupts PDF attachments ============ ( Possible solution )

    Vladislav Tatarincev  15 March 2017 11:29:24
    Yesterday I wrote about FP8 issue,
    that PDFs are corrupted, because transmitted in wrong format,
    DOC and DOCx files are also affected and seems other mail formats as well.

    as a side effect of this bug, you may get Non Delivery report with error message "554 5.6.0 Message contains NUL Characters"

    IBM Support provided solution very quickly, according to IBM MIMEDisclaimersNoEncode=0 is fixing issue. I have not yet tested my self, since we rolled back to FP7.
    This parameter has been introduced in FP8 to fix another Google issue, sending Invitations with Attachments. If sending invites to Google is not an issue then this parameter can be implemented as quick solution.
    Again, IBM Is working on solution 901FP8IF1 will be delivered soon to Fix Central.

      Issue with FP8 =========== IBM Domin 901 FP8 corrupts PDF attachments ============

      Vladislav Tatarincev  14 March 2017 17:26:06
      few our clients and we applied FP8 same day it was arrived.
      next day we have noticed that PDFs sent from us to other companies are corrupted.

      We have opened PMR with PMR since few our large clients reported similar behaviour.

      IBM Support has confirmed issue under SPR #TPONAKFJLP / APAR  #LO91828.
      901FP8 IF1 will be released shortly.
      In description we received from IBM seems this is because of disclaimer, but in our case we have no disclaimer.

      info from IBM Support. =====
      After Upgrade To Fp8, With Disclaimers Enabled, Pdf Attachments Have Content-transfer-encoding Of Binary And Can't Be Opened

      After upgrade to FP8, with disclaimers enabled, PDF attachments have  Content-Transfer-Encoding of binary and can't be opened.
      If the mail is sent without disclaimers added, the Content-Transfer-Encoding is Base64 and the attachment can be opened.

      1. Apply 901FP8
      2. Enable disclaimers and apply a policy to add disclaimers for users
      3. Send a mail with a PDF attachment. Attachment will be encoded as application/octet-stream with
      Content-Transfer-Encoding of binary
      4. Disable disclaimers and resend the same mail. Attachment will be encoded as application/octet-stream with
      Content-Transfer-Encoding of base64

      The spr isn't published now to the internet
      The development is informed and 9.0.1 FP8IF1 will provided on IBM fixcentral as soon as possible.
      Downgrade to 9.0.1 FP7
      disable  disclaimer

        IBM Domino 901FP8 availability

        Vladislav Tatarincev  7 March 2017 16:26:07
        My RSS reader shows a lot of fixed delivered and tested by IBM. it seems that 901FP8 will be posted later this week or next week.
        You can track progress of FP8 availability here

        There are very demanded fixed included in FP8 like

        LDAP special characted authentication issue
        It seems IBM will have updated Domino Directory design with new holidays, reported by Chris Miller and others
        New Traveler settings
        some fixed security policy fields and
        Improved  Mail Template

        It would be logical if Verse On Premise views are included, and no manual work is needed :)

        Daniel Nashed has blogged before about Highliths of FP8, please find document here

        It seems that iBM is uploading FP8 now to FixCentral, some components are already available... like mail template and Domino Directory and some Clients FP8
        Image:IBM Domino 901FP8 availability

        Extending IBM Traveler Push Notification with additional Subject field or Preventing Traveler sending information to Apple while allowing users to get immediate mails

        Vladislav Tatarincev  3 March 2017 14:23:48

        Apple uses Push notification service to deliver system messages to devices or notify device that there is a change on a server, please connect and grab an update.
        If you check what is included in Push notification, then according to Apple Developer documentation. Sound (on/off, Badge, number of unread notification and some text is included in JSON message that is sent over SSL to Apple servers.
        Apple uses AKAMAI cloud to distribute servers all over the world, and you better open ports for push notification to work

        By Default every push notification server includes sender of message. So some customers, who does not want that Apple knows with whom they communicate, they just close PushPort or it is possible to disable this with NTS_APNS_ push settings.
        Just closing port is bad idea, since a lot of error messages will appear on Traveler server console.

        If you dont want Apple know your contragents, you may implement
        NTS_PUSH_ALERTS_ALLOW_SENDER=false (default value true)
        NTS_PUSH_ALERTS_ALLOW_SUMMARY=false (default value false)
        or just first one. This will still use Push notification, Traveler server will send a shorter request, "Hey, New Mail for You" without saying from whom mail has arrived.
        There will be no notification from above, iPhone/iPad will play sound and number of unread emails will increase. This will give user a hint that new mail has arrived.

        If you dont care that Apple will get from whom you receive emails, you may go futher. You may include subject in notification.
        NTS_PUSH_ALERTS_ALLOW_SENDER=true (default value true)
        NTS_PUSH_ALERTS_ALLOW_SUMMARY=true (default value false)

        By implementing NTS_PUSH_ALERTS_ALLOW_SUMMARY You will also receive information not only from whom but also about what is this email.

        Image:Extending IBM Traveler Push Notification with additional Subject field or Preventing Traveler sending information to Apple while allowing users to get immediate mails
        Image:Extending IBM Traveler Push Notification with additional Subject field or Preventing Traveler sending information to Apple while allowing users to get immediate mails

          Text in many languages copied from Microsoft Word to IBM Notes loosing Unicode, unless you have hotFix and new Notes.ini

          Vladislav Tatarincev  3 March 2017 09:38:02
          I live in Latvia, were people speak daily in 3-4 languages. Majority of work information is in many languages.
          My customers reported to us, that if text is copied in Russian (Русский) to IBM Notes than this text is not properly copied. Later we figured out that this issue affects user if you have more that 2 non-English languages used on Your PC.  

          My colleagues made investigation and they figured out that if Your Windows Locale has one Language for Example Latvian or Polish, or French and you copy another language that is different from you Windows Locale than Unicode will be lost.

          We opened PMR and IBM confirmed this under SPR GTONAGLGBT . If you apply fix that you may get from IBM and apply new notes.ini parameter "EnableUnicodeCopyPasteFromWord=1"

          It seems that IBM will include this in next FP8 or FP9. Details will follow from IBM.

            Traveler and fixes included in this release

            Vladislav Tatarincev  15 February 2017 20:30:48
            Traveler is available for download. more info on release here.

            Full list of things fixed is below or if you prefer official IBM link then here.


            APAR # Abstract
            APAR # Abstract
            LO88787 Event may not sync to mobile device if there is a replication conflict on the initial invitation document.
            LO90807 Better documentation and behavior when syncing documents that use an unsupported document encoding.
            LO90903 DBAccountsCheck utility may fail to recognize duplicate account for a user when the name is stored using different case.
            LO90926 Potential issue adding primary key to database schema on a stand alone Traveler server.
            LO90987 Event location information could be lost on a meeting that is updated from an iOS native calendar application.
            LO91052 Traveler database schema migration may fail on MS SQL Server when upgrading from to
            LO91141 Modified online meeting info may revert to original value when event is later rescheduled from mobile device.
            LO91227 Errors may be reported on Domino console when running Traveler cleanup on a stand alone server.
            LO91272 Subject of e-mail may get corrupted when reply/forward from a Windows 10 Pro device.
            LO91294 Last instance of a repeating all day event may be missing from iOS native calendar application.
            LO91353 DB2 server may select a bad query execution plan when some users have 50k+ mail documents causing high DB2 server CPU.
            LO91467 Event may not sync to mobile device if the time zone field has unexpected characters.
            LO91468 User with multiple devices set to different mail filters may not get expected mail filter on all devices.
            LO91485 Unable to add additional attachments when replying or forwarding an e-mail from a Windows mobile device.
            LO91580 Update APNS certificates, new expiration value is March 8th 2018.
            LO91585 Support for Java 1.8

              IBM Application (nsf) that will help to identity which apps will be affected by removal of Java Plugin support inside browsers

              Vladislav Tatarincev  30 January 2017 09:55:44
              Since many browsers cancel support of Java plugins (NAPI) - Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface some IBM Domino application might be affected.

              IBM Has posted an application that is doing search across Domino server, analyzing applications. So if you have thousands of app, no need to think, which apps will stop working soon, due to removal of Java support in browser.

              If you have some development skills, you can customize it to search any other info, or design elements.  for example obsolete functions, or OS specific files, like *.dll

              Thanks IBM for very nice asset.

              Finding applications that are using Domino Java applets