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    Traveler and fixes included in this release

    Vladislav Tatarincev  15 February 2017 20:30:48
    Traveler is available for download. more info on release here.

    Full list of things fixed is below or if you prefer official IBM link then here.


    APAR # Abstract
    APAR # Abstract
    LO88787 Event may not sync to mobile device if there is a replication conflict on the initial invitation document.
    LO90807 Better documentation and behavior when syncing documents that use an unsupported document encoding.
    LO90903 DBAccountsCheck utility may fail to recognize duplicate account for a user when the name is stored using different case.
    LO90926 Potential issue adding primary key to database schema on a stand alone Traveler server.
    LO90987 Event location information could be lost on a meeting that is updated from an iOS native calendar application.
    LO91052 Traveler database schema migration may fail on MS SQL Server when upgrading from to
    LO91141 Modified online meeting info may revert to original value when event is later rescheduled from mobile device.
    LO91227 Errors may be reported on Domino console when running Traveler cleanup on a stand alone server.
    LO91272 Subject of e-mail may get corrupted when reply/forward from a Windows 10 Pro device.
    LO91294 Last instance of a repeating all day event may be missing from iOS native calendar application.
    LO91353 DB2 server may select a bad query execution plan when some users have 50k+ mail documents causing high DB2 server CPU.
    LO91467 Event may not sync to mobile device if the time zone field has unexpected characters.
    LO91468 User with multiple devices set to different mail filters may not get expected mail filter on all devices.
    LO91485 Unable to add additional attachments when replying or forwarding an e-mail from a Windows mobile device.
    LO91580 Update APNS certificates, new expiration value is March 8th 2018.
    LO91585 Support for Java 1.8

      IBM Application (nsf) that will help to identity which apps will be affected by removal of Java Plugin support inside browsers

      Vladislav Tatarincev  30 January 2017 09:55:44
      Since many browsers cancel support of Java plugins (NAPI) - Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface some IBM Domino application might be affected.

      IBM Has posted an application that is doing search across Domino server, analyzing applications. So if you have thousands of app, no need to think, which apps will stop working soon, due to removal of Java support in browser.

      If you have some development skills, you can customize it to search any other info, or design elements.  for example obsolete functions, or OS specific files, like *.dll

      Thanks IBM for very nice asset.

      Finding applications that are using Domino Java applets

        Copy Paste from Microsoft Word to IBM Notes creates garbage characters if copied text is different from local Windows locale.

        Vladislav Tatarincev  11 January 2017 15:05:54
        If you are lucky to live in country where more than language is used, then if you Windows locale points to one language, but in Microsoft Word you copy another language text to IBM Notes this text is garbaged.
        Reported by one of our clients, we opened PMR with IBM, and IBM has found issue in code, and working on solving this issue.

        so far look will be fixed this month, and I hope will be included in 9.0.1.FP8 . SPR is GTONAGLGBT

        2 factor authentication for IBM Verse on Premise

        Vladislav Tatarincev  10 January 2017 09:45:00
        IBM Verse on Premise has been release and many clients may feel that more and more users are using VERSE ON PREMISE, and more and more clients ask if Verse on Premise support 2FA. (2 factor authentication).

        If you are located in Europe, You may know that EU regulation says that till 1 June 2018, WebBased systems (like webmail), that contain sensitive data MUST have 2 factor authentication deployed. Penalty for not complying this rule is 20millions or % from revenue. More details on this is here Update :

        Holes in software found everyday, and protecting you email with 2 factor authentication is a logical step to increase security of system. Some people think that hackers are so powerfull they can impact even elections ;)

        CYONE has solution called SMS login which provides 2FA for iNotes, and now also supports IBM Verse. We been IBM Verse on Prem client during beta program and solution works perfectly.
        Our development team is adding more and to solution, new ways of delivering code, not only SMS and OTP (like Microsoft or Google Authenticator).

        More information can be found on company website

        This solution is used by many clients all over the world. We are also looking for local  resellers. Sign up, for trial! or become a reseller!

        If you experience Calendar sync issues on IBM Traveler, read this (Apple bug workaround)

        Vladislav Tatarincev  25 November 2016 17:11:05
        If you are iOS user, or just Traveler Admin, users may complain about Calendar is not properly syncing to user.
        Traveler user reset command, may solve this for a while, but then problema reapears.

        Solution in Apple bug are described in this technote

        Thank you IBM, you made workaround for this.NTS_CALENDAR_DELETEADD_APPLE_APPOINTMENTS=true  notes.ini should be set on Traveler to fix issue.
        New Calendar records will arrive properly.


          Traveler (updated)

          Vladislav Tatarincev  15 November 2016 19:29:44
          IBM Has posted technote on Availability of

          Fix list is quite impressive.

          So far checked IBM Access Catalog for IBM Partners not yet available, but seems will be posted very soon.
          Check also OpenMic on Whats new in new version.

          Windows install is here from fix central:

          Linux here.

          Error: ’The internet address for this user is not unique’ when registering a new user

          Vladislav Tatarincev  1 November 2016 13:57:54
          In one of my IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator projects, I faced strange issue,  Users no longer registered in IBM Domino. Error message was Error: 'The internet address for this user is not unique'

          Luckily solution was working fine for few weeks, this gave me a hit that this is not a bug in my TDI solution, or LotusScript agent that does real registration, but some where else.
          In this customer case, they created user in Active Directory, and then TDI did remaining (registration, modification, renaming, blocking, deleting) in IBM Domino.

          Last thing added to clients configuration was added Directory Assistance, to allow users login with AD Passwords. Since data / user was born in AD, they also been set a internet Address like ""
          When you have Directory Assistance configured, Domino will check if user is unique not only in Domino, but (!!! TADAM) in AD also. if not unique, Notes Registration will fail.

          I opened a PMR with IBM and they confirmed that I was true, that issue is caused by Directory Assistance. IBM has a SPR - SPR # ELAV9NKRDA Title: Enhancement Request: Option to disable Internet Address lookup on secondary/external directories during user registration
          There is an official IBM Technote which says nothing about Directory Assistance, and a bit missleading, that user was registered while ago.

          The workaround IBM Suggested and it is easy to implement and it is simple.
          when registering user, set  
          reg.MailInternetAddress = "SPR_ELAV9NKRDA"+OriginalEmailAddress
          call RegisterNewUser

          then when user is registered, get a names.nsf user record and change
          doc.internetAddress = OriginalEmailAddress.

          Since it took some :) of my time, hope google will index it and will help somebody.

            Error processing certificate request: Certificate configuration set in ICL has been corrupted. Only 1 CaConfiguration document should exist.

            Vladislav Tatarincev  17 October 2016 15:29:28
            Faced one issue during one Domino implementation, by some reason Certificate Authority was used and CA document got duplicated somehow.
            I used ScanEZ from YTRIA to get UNID of old(unneeded) CA document, made backup and was able to solve problem with this script placed in script.

            Since it was not described anywhere, hope google will index it, and will avoid you opening PMR :)


            11.10.2016 12:46:33   Admin Process: Checking for all requests to perform
            11.10.2016 12:46:39   CA Process (O¬ME): Error processing certificate request: Certificate configuration set in ICL has been corrupted.  Only 1 CaConfiguration document should exist.
            11.10.2016 12:46:40   CA Process (O¬ME): Error processing certificate request: Certificate configuration set in ICL has been corrupted.  Only 1 CaConfiguration document should exist.

                    Dim session As New NotesSession
                    Dim db As NotesDatabase
                    Dim doc As NotesDocument
                    Set db = session.GetDatabase(session.CurrentDatabase.Server,"icl\icl_5753.nsf")
                    Set doc = db.GetDocumentByUNID("59CEC1D74D3CC364C22580170046C197")
                    If doc Is Nothing Then
                            Print "Unable to find document"
                    End If