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    Transend Migrator available for free if you Deploy IBM DOmino/Verse

    Vladislav Tatarincev  2 October 2017 11:50:50
    While ago I blogged that if You migrate to IBM Cloud, IBM gives for free migration utility Transend Migrator which is best in class migration utility.
    Since we deploy more onPrem installations than Cloud, I asked Transend People if they can speak with IBM to extend this to also onPrem IBM Domino/Verse deployments.

    I was surprised to know that recently this was extended. So Great news are, If you deploy IBM Verse, you can request free Transend migration utility from IBM.
    You should fill a form, IBM will verify that you have purchased Verse/Notes licences, and you will have Transend Migrator to migrate mail from old outfashion systems like Microsoft Exchange to beautiful IBM Verse.

    I should mention that form is cloud oriented, It does not cover onPrem licences, but I was able to fill proper values, I also asked IBM to adjust form for opPrem clients. Hope this will be done soon.
    Hurray, now if Clients will deploy IBM solutions onPrem or in Cloud we have great tools to migrate Mail, Calendar, ToDo Contacts.
    Thank you IBM

      Traveler is available and has many new things

      Vladislav Tatarincev  6 September 2017 22:15:03
      IBM Traveler is available for Download.

      Whats new is described in this Technote

      Main improvements are:
      • Support for MS SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition.
      • Updated APNS Certificates with expiration 8/1/2018.
      • Improvements for the Run as User Feature.

      IBM seems made mistake describing whats new , since document says
      Image:Traveler is available and has many new things
      While clicking and going deeped, says, 2018
      Image:Traveler is available and has many new things

      Anyway, many other things fixed, will update my traveler tomorrow.

        Copying Russian text outside IBM notes strips one space on Macintosh

        Vladislav Tatarincev  5 September 2017 10:22:55
        If you copy Russian text from IBM Notes to Microsoft Word or any other program on Mac, strips one space.
        Since one space delimits words, result is words that are merged.

        I have created SPR with IBM, we need more voices to fix this. Please open PMR with IBM and ask them to add voice to this SPR.

        SPR ZQSAA7Q754 (customer report # LO92902) for this issue.

        При копировании текста с IBM Notes на Mac, в другие програмы, в тексте пропадает один пробел.
        Так как слова ограничены одним пробелом, после копирования все слова сливаются. Проблема повторяется на Mac, OS x.
        Если надо скорировать тест, то есть Workaround - сделать Find and Replace один пробел в тексте заменить на два, и после этого копировать. Тогда при копировании один проблем пропадет и на получающей стороне текст будет нормальным.

        Если для вас эта проблема актуальна, а маками часто пользуется руководство, прошу открыть PMR в тех поддержке IBM, и указать SPR. SPR ZQSAA7Q754 (customer report # LO92902)

        working with Date/Time Fields while synching IBM Domino with IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator

        Vladislav Tatarincev  31 July 2017 16:45:26
        If you try sync Date/TIME fields from SQL (JDBC connector) to IBM Domino database, you may see error similar to one below.
        Since it took me a while to solve this, I hope this will help some one sometimes.

        16:44:48,020 ERROR - [LotusNotesConnector] CTGDIS810E handleException - cannot handle exception , addonly
        NotesException: Unknown or unsupported object type in Vector
                at lotus.domino.local.Document.NreplaceItemValue(Native Method)
                at lotus.domino.local.Document.replaceItemValue(Unknown Source)
        16:44:48,021 ERROR - CTGDIS266E Error in NextConnectorOperation. Exception occurred: NotesException: Unknown or unsupported object type in Vector
        NotesException: Unknown or unsupported object type in Vector
                at lotus.domino.local.Document.NreplaceItemValue(Native Method)
                at lotus.domino.local.Document.replaceItemValue(Unknown Source)
        16:44:48,030 INFO  - CTGDIS100I Printing the Connector statistics.
        Creating of fields with DateTime type may not give you best result.
        Try to use following construction to create a DateTime object and fill it with proper value.
        in may case attribute name was Sakuma_datums (Start Date)

        var itemName = "sakuma_datums"
        sqlDate = work.getObject(itemName);
        javaDate = new java.util.Date(sqlDate.getTime());
        session = LotusNotesConnector.connector.getDominoSession(); 'this creates session to IBM Domino
        domDate = session.createDateTime(javaDate); 'we create kind of NotesDateTime variable and fill it with data
        ret.value = domDate;  'we return attribute value

          Pasting Russian text from Microsoft Word to IBM Notes will be fixed in 901FP9

          Vladislav Tatarincev  24 July 2017 14:33:47
          One of our client has reported that pasting text from MS Word to IBM Notes creates garbage text.
          We been able to reproduce issue, and we opened PMR with IBM.

          IBM recently posted list of things fixed in Feature Pack 9, one of them is this bug.
          GTONAGLGBT (LO91138) - Fixed an issue where pasting Cyrillic characters from Microsoft Word into Notes gives garbled characters (INI needs to be set to enable this fix = EnableUnicodeCopyPasteFromWord=1)

          We have also opened issue, with on the fly check team, that switching input language in OS should also switch corresponding Spell check in IBM notes. Will blog about this separately , but this will be delivered later this year, of course if IBM will not change plans.

          Panagenda Marvel Client allows you to skin your IBM Notes

          Vladislav Tatarincev  18 July 2017 11:19:43
          In the beginning of the year, I was on Panagenda Training. I like what panagenda Marvel Client can do with IBM Notes client, remotely remove icons to old servers, clean Recent contacts. Support of Regular Expressions adds more freedom to actions.
          In my mind, Marvell client is Must have for every administrator and company. If you wish to try, Marvel Client analyze is for free for first 12 month! Worth to try.

          Panagenda Marvel client allows you to skin your IBM Notes client.
          Blog of Panagenda tells you more how you can skin it,

          Since I was on training, and was excited what I can do with Marvel client, I spent some time in hotel to assemble my test workspace.
          Image:Panagenda Marvel Client allows you to skin your IBM Notes

          You need to push workspace image to directory. For this you can use Panagenda FileDownloader Action, then set
          notes.ini MC_SkinningDirectory=
          According to link to Panagenda blog Image should be named def_background.bmp

          You may have fun deploying different workspace images, depending on where people in your company located, or depending on department.
          For this to work you MUST have Marvell Client, just setting notes.ini via IBM Policies will not make it work.

          Now think how you can make your workspace more corporate, with your company logos, colors, or events like company 25 anniversary or new Year or what ever.

          Image:Panagenda Marvel Client allows you to skin your IBM Notes

          IBM Confirmed that latest iOS Verse 9.4 client has multiple issues

          Vladislav Tatarincev  29 June 2017 09:25:25
          We been waiting for long time new Verse release. After users started to upgrade to new iOS Verse client, our support team received multiple complains from customer, including Grayed out option to sync ALL MAILS, client
          In all cases issue was resolved by removing and reinstalling Verse App. solution is ok for small company, may be time consuming for large companies.

          Lets hope IBM will fix this, and next version upgrades will be more seamless

          APAR status
          Error description
          Customer reports seeing multiple issues following an upgrade
          from iOS Verse 9.3.10 to 9.4.
          1) The Days To Sync is defaulting to Unlimited after the
          upgrade when it was set to some other value prior
          2) Duplicate mail folders are syncing down
          3) The Actions tab is not visible in the tab bar controller at
          the bottom of the screen
          Local fix
          Remove any existing iOS Verse app, then install the latest
          Verse app from the App Store. Doing this fresh install will
          work around these issues.

            IBM Notes 901FP10 for MAC is available for Download

            Vladislav Tatarincev  18 May 2017 10:03:20
            IBM Has published 901FP10 for Mac64 (there is no more 32 bit version)

            List of fixed issue in FP10 and previous versions can be found here

            Notes 64-bit 9.0.1 IF10    
            IFAY9TEJPU  Google Calendar Integration Using Google+ Fails        
            MDAIAL5Q8B  Fixed issue where users running Notes Mac 64-bit client (Release 9.0.1EXT SHF776) could not access servers with minimum client level restriction set to 901FP8.        
            PEDSA7QK9P Notes Client should detect authentication failure & request new LTPA from server.        
            RGAUA3PFNB Each Click On The Application Opens New Window Tab If "Run Server-based Xpages Applications Directly On Domino Server" is enabled.        
            RGAUA3RQ89 The Long Data Type Does Not Work As Expected On 64bit Mac OS X Yosemite With Notes 901 64-bit and Domino W64.        
            Notes 64-bit 9.0.1 IF9
            MEERAE33F9 Notes Client Quit Unexpectely After Password Input        
            Notes 64-bit 9.0.1 IF8
            JRMAAFXT8N Notes failed to launch on new MacBook with Touch Bar. (technote 1995145)        
            Notes 64-bit 9.0.1 IF7
            PPUEACE9H9 Security Bulletin: IBM Notes is affected with Open Source Apache Struts Vulnerabilities CVE-2016-1181 & CVE-2016-1182 (technote 1988182)        
            PPUEAAVCSJ Security Bulletin: IBM Notes is affected by OpenSource Apache Taglibs Vulnerability CVE-2015-0254 (technote 1989475)

            Download it self can be found here