RNUG Lotus User Group (www.vlaad.lv)

    Russian Notes User Group online conference (content in English and Russian) 9-16 October 2020

    Vladislav Tatarincev  22 September 2020 13:19:26
    Russian Notes user conference will be online event, sessions will be in English and Russian
    We will have fantastic sessions from HCL, panagenda, YTRIA, TeamWorkR, CYONE and other business partners.

    Event participation is free, if you want to be a speaker call for abstracts is open until Friday evening, sponsors - great opportunity to present your solution or service.

    Https://en.RNUG.RU/  From Russia with Love.

    Avoid deleting users who left company from Reader/Authors fields and NAMES fields

    Vladislav Tatarincev  15 September 2020 14:11:22

    If you have ACL ACTION "MODIFY ALL NAMES FIELDS, OR READERS AUTHORS FIELDS"  then upon user rename, user is renamed by adminp in names fields and security fields.

    Drawback is when user is leaving company and admin deletes user, if you have this setting enabled, then user will be deleted from all Names fields or Readers/Authors fields.

    Which may lead to strange documents, like Approved by "Empty string", because person who approved left company and adminp deleted him from field.
    Which is not ok, since breaks logic and compliance, we have to know who accepted document.

    I got request from customer to modify my TDI script, to avoid this, and I did some reasearch on this.

    I did some reverse engineering of Domino server code and found, that there are two undocumented parameters that made me very curious.


    I opened ticket :) in HCL Support and HCL Support was fast like a rocket!  I got reply from Somnath and Development team that these two parameters will extend functionality of Delete action.

    If you want rename, but want to skip DELETE in Names fields or Reader/Authors fields just enable these parameters. ADMINP_DISABLE_NAMEITEM_DELETE=1

    HCL Will publish a technote on this topic today.   This is brand new, so before putting in production do proper tests in test environment!


    I will be speaking on Russian Notes user group event, so everybody is welcome, content in English and Russian  https://en.rnug.ru/

      v11 HTTP Rule bug and workaround

      Vladislav Tatarincev  25 February 2020 09:39:52
      One way to improve HTTP application is to cache different objects, like CSS, JPG , .JS files.
      To do so you must create a HTTP Header rule.

      Image:v11 HTTP Rule bug and workaround
      I always do this when improve performance of HTTP, but in v11 I tried and I got error message, that "Expiration days is required"

      Image:v11 HTTP Rule bug and workaround
      I opened case with HCL support and they confirmed issue, and next day I got info that it will be fixed in 11.0.1 under  SPR # SPPPBLXKG9
      Meanwhile workaround is to do the following

      1. Open names.nsf\pubnames.ntf in Designer.
      2. In Forms, select and edit the form "(Web Rule)"
      3. In the Basic tab of the "(Web Rule)" form, change the "Input Translation" of below two fields.
        a) Hdr_Ex_Days => Remove the current formula and update it with the below one.
      @If((MappingType = "4" & Hdr_Ex_En != "0" & Hdr_Ex_Opt = "0") | !@IsDocBeingSaved; @ThisValue; 5)
        b) Hdr_Ex_Date = > Remove the current formula and update it with the below one.
      @If((MappingType = "4" & Hdr_Ex_En != "0" & Hdr_Ex_Opt = "1") | !@IsDocBeingSaved; @ThisValue; @Tomorrow)
      4. Once done, save & close the form.

        winmail.dat is back

        Vladislav Tatarincev  19 November 2019 11:05:12
        While ago I started to receive winmail.dat files,   our servers are 10.0.1FP3 and V11 Beta 2 (second cluster node).

        In past (7.0, 8.0, 8.5 and early 9.0) we have to implement TNEFENABLECONVERSION=1 notes.ini, starting from 9.0.1FP4 it is ON by default, so you can remove this parameter to keep your configuration more clean.
        My colleagues did investigation on this and we figured out that if we sent mail from Domino to Outlook and select (RETURN RECEIPT), you will get a return receipt with WinMail.dat.
        If you try to decode file, there is no file inside , which is confusing...

        Issue is reported to HCL, we were able to reproduce issue. Will keep you updated about this issue.

        Notes.ini for accessing Archives on clustered VOP (verse on Prem)

        Vladislav Tatarincev  21 October 2019 12:57:08
        New version of Verse On prem 1.0.8.a supports archives and Fix to 1.0.8a version support all type of archives, created manually and by policy.
        If you have load balancer or clustered VOP, you might be interested in old Notes.ini parameters, to access archives by same URL as you access VOP.  


        If you have webMail.ACME.COM and your Archives are located on Server1.acme.com or Server2.Acme.COM (and these hosts are not even published to internet) without this parameter trying to access archive will give you an error.

        With this parameter, VOP will try access Archives also on webmail.acme.com (sharing this on behalf of my colleague Alexander Korolkov).

          #RNUG Forum (10-11 Октября) - 2 дневная конференция посвященная IBM Domino

          Vladislav Tatarincev  6 August 2019 15:01:13
          Дорогие друзья!
          Рады сообщить что регистрация на 2 дневную конференцию (10-11 Октября Москва, Россия) посвященную продуктам Collaboration (Domino,Notes,Traveler,Connections,Sametime) открыта!
          Https://RNUG.RU/  Всем кому интересны эти продукты - будем рады встрече с вами.

          Интереснейшие сессии для Администраторов, Разработчиков, Руководителей, бизнес пользователей и бизнес партнеров.
          Конференция пройдет за несколько недель до выхода Domino v11 и Connections 6.5 и Sametime 11.

          Участвуют звезды Domino сообщества, в том числе и руководство HCL

          Ждем участников со всего мира.
          Будем рады всем тем, кто любит и использует продукты семейства Collaboration из России, Украины, Белоруссии, Казахстана, Азербайджана, Литвы, Латвии, Германии, Италии, Великобритании и других стран.

          Цель мероприятия - объединить пользователей Domino, обменяться опытом, познакомиться с новыми клиентами и партнерами.
          И по традиции - #dominoforever . До встречи на #RNUG - RUSSIAN Notes User Group

            RNUG Russian Notes User Group conference 10-11 October 2019

            Vladislav Tatarincev  27 July 2019 23:45:31

            On 10 and 11 October 2019 we will have Russian Notes User Group first event.
            We plan a lot of speakers coming from different parts of the World.

            We are very glad that Daniel Nashed , Thomas Hampel and other great speakers will be in Moscow this Fall.

            HCL (Richard Jefts) and his team will be there to show us new things and updates on product Roadmaps.

            Event  is free of Charge, Some sessions will be in Russian, some in English, but language will be not an issue, since we will translate event in real time.

            Russia is number 4 in Top Domino Markets in the World. After US, Japan and Germany.   I am excited to work there with customers with many hundred thousands users, which is quite common.

            We are very glad that a lot of sponsors already opted in. We plan to launch Conference website next few days, will blog about it in separate blog.

            If you are interested to visit event as visitor or sponsor, drop me an email vlaad@vlaad.lv
            See you soon in Moscow :)

              If you plan to Migrate to Microsoft, you should know gap between promissed and what you will really get / Вы планируете миграцию с IBM Domino в Microsoft, узнайте что вас реально ждет

              Vladislav Tatarincev  1 March 2019 09:45:12
              We all experienced that some customers moved tried to move away, and what sellers from Microsoft tell to customers.
              There were cases when dark side sales, promised smooth migration to oil companies, who work on platforms in sea, and due to failures some people even died due to inability to get quality documents and procedure documents.
              That particular customer pulled back migration.

              There is a consolidated version what you DONT know, and knowing that you might want to include this in contract to be on safe side, or may be just stay on greatest platform in the world

              Некоторые клиенты принимали опрометчивое решение о миграции с IBM Domino. Когда Sales люди из Microsoft говорили что все будет дешево и безболезненно, о многом они умолчали.
              По горькому опыту других клиентов, узнайте что именно Вам не сказали.