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Migration to IBM Cloud is easy for mail,calendar, todo, since IBM Has great tools for free (Transcend Migrator)

Vladislav Tatarincev  23 September 2016 10:16:28
We are migrating customers from alternative systems to IBM Cloud, Provisioning of users is easy, you can do it manually, use IBM (Security) Tivoli Directory Integrator, CSV or many other options.
While migration of mail was possible using free tools like ImapSYNC (in case user has mail avaialble on server), but local mail, custom mail formats,  calendar, todo has always been a challenge.

One of leaders in Migration tools is Transcend
Since now cloud becomming more popular for small companies, I was plesantly surpised to know that if you are migrating to IBM Cloud, you can get Transcend Migration software for free (licence cost are covered by IBM).
Great move IBM, You can migrate users from Microsoft cloud, GMAIL, many other vendors, various formats and mailsystem supported, Batch support.

If you are migrating to IBM Cloud, please get in touch with Transcend People, they will connect to right people in IBM, to get your free licence for migration to IBM Cloud.

Keep on Rocking, IBM!
Image:Migration to IBM Cloud is easy for mail,calendar, todo, since IBM Has great tools for free  (Transcend Migrator)

OUT of Office is disabled by server before user returns... LO89823: OOO SERVICE IS DISABLING PREMATURELY WHEN SET IN NOTES ON WINDOWS 10

Vladislav Tatarincev  20 September 2016 13:53:45
Few our customers experienced issue that users enable Out of office, (service) and server disabled OOO, and senders of new emails are not notified that user is away (because user not yet returned).

Issue is cause by some Android Verse clients. IBM Support has new (fixed) client, so if you face issue, open PMR with IBM.


IBM Traveler is available with new features and fixes is available on FixCentral

Vladislav Tatarincev  18 August 2016 11:34:20
New version of IBM Traveler is available.
Release information is available here

IBM Traveler
Release Date Build Level Documentation
August 17, 2016 201608121241_40 IBM Traveler Release Notes
IBM Traveler Product Documentation

Note: IBM Traveler includes all APAR fixes delivered in all previous releases up to and including IBM Traveler in addition to the APARs listed here.

APAR # Abstract
LO82881 Domino server may crash if $NTTrack field is corrupted.
LO89471 Traveler invitee status may be incorrect if using mixed case internet addresses.
LO89606 Number of recipients limited to 100 when sending mail from a mobile device.
LO89745 Traveler server enters constrained state when load balancing a large number of users.
LO89772 Meeting chair may receive multiple notices from attendee who processes notice on an Apple Native Calendar application.
LO89840 IBM Verse mobile application fails to download entire mail for very large mail documents.
LO89952 Deleted device still present in the Web Administration UI after the 30 day reap interval.
LO89954 E-mail not in sent folder on mobile device when user sends and files an e-mail in Notes client.

Windows Version

Linux version

IBM offers 50% discount for IBM Security exams, just add secret work when you register

Vladislav Tatarincev  27 June 2016 14:47:26
IBM offers 50% discount for IBM Security exams, More information can be found here.
Seems that IBM Maas, TDI(SDI) exams included, full list of exams is available here.

Keep in mind this offer is valid till 30 September 2016.

While IBM exams quite expensive, we as IBM Business partner use "We pass, IBM Pays" programme as part of our partner IBM Value Package, and all money that we spent for passing exams, IBM pays us back.
IBM offers very friendly partner programmes. So if You want to become a partner of large world wide known vendor, become IBM Partner :)

2 factor authentication for IBM Domino iNotes and HTTP

Vladislav Tatarincev  21 June 2016 16:46:30

Our company has designed solution that protects IBM iNotes/Webmail and Domino Web Applications a with 2 factor authentication. After logging in with regular password and login, user receives unique code via SMS or alternative email, or it can be generated  with OneTime Password Software generators, for example Google Authenticator(
We have few clients using this for two years already. Every quarter we  add new features. Many clients who need additional security or need to be compliant with PCI DSS will love this software.
This 2 factor authentication can be enabled globally, or for some users only.

Installation and configuration of solution takes around 1 hour, so this is easy to try. Till 31.Dec.2016 we have competitive upgrade offering from other vendors with 50% discount.

As well we are looking for IBM Business Partner who can resell it , and we give internal use licences to our resellers.
More info on SMS Login can be found here


TDI Out of Memory Accessing large IBM Notes view and how to solve it :)

Vladislav Tatarincev  7 April 2016 14:43:23

One of my customers faced issue with TDI we were exporting some data from Notes to DB2.
Problem appears only when view has many thousands of documents.

Issue can be resolved by checking Conserve Memory checkbox. since I was unable to find it in support, hopefully Google with index it and it will help TDI people :)

15:44:32,310 ERROR - CTGDIS266E Error in NextIteratorEntry. Exception occurred: NotesException: Out of Memory  NotesException: Out of Memory
        at lotus.domino.local.NotesBase.PropGetObjArray(Native Method)
        at lotus.domino.local.Document.getItems(Unknown Source)
15:44:34,920 INFO  - CTGDIS100I Printing the Connector statistics.
15:44:34,920 INFO  -  [LotusNotesConnector] Get:4394, Errors:1
15:44:34,920 INFO  -  [DatabaseConnectorDB2] Add:4394

Image:TDI Out of Memory Accessing large IBM Notes view and how to solve it :)

    input languge changes to other / wrong language when using Microsoft Remote Desktop from Mac OS X

    Vladislav Tatarincev  7 April 2016 11:21:28
    For 5 years I am happy Mac user. But one things was very annoying is connecting from My Machine to Windows Servers since I do some administration.

    I live in Latvia, while I am Russian. I know four languages Latvian, Russian, English and French. I have Latvian, Russian and English configured on my Mac,  but when I connect to Windows Server, all of a sudden, Microsoft selects for me Lithuanian Language, on remote server. Lithuanian keyboard layout is not matching Latvian layout, so every time you type a command it is typing wrong symbols.
    For people who do programming in Microsoft, Latvia and Lithuania are two independent countries, with their own languages. Latvia and Lithuania are part of Europe. Europe is a territory on the opposite side of Atlantic Ocean.
    Microsoft programmer who made this bug should wonder - Wow! There are countries except ours?

    Anyway, yesterday I found solution, it is configured on remote server. Solution is ok for your servers, but every news server should be reconfigured. May be some one knows hot to change this on Mac level.
    You should create a key in  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout
    Key name is      IgnoreRemoteKeyboardLayout
    Type of key is REG_DWORD
    and value is 1

    Hope it will kelp you :)

    Latest IBM Traveler Verse iOS application 9.3.2 has notification sound finally fixed!

    Vladislav Tatarincev  24 February 2016 21:04:40
    My colleague Alexander K., has noticed that latest version of IBM Verse that arrived today, has notification sound fixed.
    Previously when new mail has arrived, there was no option to hear that you have new mail if you are using Verse client.

    Now it works like charm! Upgrade to 9.3.2 version, that arrived on 24FEB2016.

    We reported this issue many time from different clients, I am happy it is solved now. :)

    Image:Latest IBM Traveler Verse iOS application 9.3.2 has notification sound finally fixed!