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Citrix MDM adds support to Lotus Notes

Vladislav Tatarincev  12 March 2014 20:51:21

new version of Citrix MDM solution adds support of Lotus Notes. Citrix Mobile has two parts, just device management and application control.
Application part is not that everyone offers, it has a safe containter WORX that has inside it, your sensitive applications. so if someone can get access to phone, he needs additional PIN to access this safe container.

XenMobile 8.7 with support for iOS 7.1 – Available the week of March 17th, 2014
XenMobile 8.7 Improves user productivity and experience with expanded collaboration capabilities

Release Highlights:

Higher levels of user productivity through integration with enterprise apps
  • WorxMail support for Lotus Notes
  • One click access to Microsoft Lync meetings from WorxMail Calendar
  • FaceTime and SMS messaging integration with WorxMail Contacts
  • “Better than native” business-class calendar editing
  • Platform support for iOS 7.1 mobile devices
Where can I find additional product information?


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