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    If you plan to Migrate to Microsoft, you should know gap between promissed and what you will really get / Вы планируете миграцию с IBM Domino в Microsoft, узнайте что вас реально ждет

    Vladislav Tatarincev  1 March 2019 09:45:12
    We all experienced that some customers moved tried to move away, and what sellers from Microsoft tell to customers.
    There were cases when dark side sales, promised smooth migration to oil companies, who work on platforms in sea, and due to failures some people even died due to inability to get quality documents and procedure documents.
    That particular customer pulled back migration.

    There is a consolidated version what you DONT know, and knowing that you might want to include this in contract to be on safe side, or may be just stay on greatest platform in the world

    Некоторые клиенты принимали опрометчивое решение о миграции с IBM Domino. Когда Sales люди из Microsoft говорили что все будет дешево и безболезненно, о многом они умолчали.
    По горькому опыту других клиентов, узнайте что именно Вам не сказали.


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