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    Vladislavs Tatarincevs  30 July 2009 16:18:27
    I decided to make one more blog, where people can share different kind of problems, they face while using Domino / Notes and _IT_IS_NOT_DESCRIBED_IN_IBM_SUPPORT .
    If I migrate a server, and get some error, before I submit it to IBM I need to be sure, that I am doing everything right. It takes some time, when I check this, and some times, I get info from IBM, that this is described in Private technote. I always ask to publish my solution, so other people can avoid this.

    I think If someone would share his/her experience, that for example "Unexpected Desktop Setting/Policy push can be avoided if ...", then possibly you can solve it during same day, or weekend when you perform migration, and not to wait until Monday and get same from IBM Support.   I think this will decrease load on IBM Support and also some problems can be solved much faster.
    I understand that IBM Can't publish all Private technotes, as sometimes solutions are not confirmed.

    I also think, that it is better share in, than in forum, because forum is more like discussion, OpenPMR is Problem, with desciption how to solve this.

    If you think something like this is OK, Please post a comment starting with "OK" else staring with "NOK".

    take a look at the

    1Stepan Karandin  03.08.2009 17:42:05 project, place to share information on bugs / workarounds

    I don't think it's a good idea. All of us know IBM software has a lot of undocumented features and issues. The best way to solve a trouble - ask who know solution. It's simple to find IBM'er envolved in development/support of product XYZ thru Google/Blue pages/phone call to insider. Newbies cries IBM XYZ suxx very often - should they tell it to each other? =)

    2Vlaad  03.08.2009 18:57:26 project, place to share information on bugs / workarounds

    Hi, I am fan of Lotus Software,

    I don't say it is sux. I understand that IBM cannot publish Private technotes, All I want is to solve problems more quickly, or if I have a problem nice to know that some other people has the same issue.

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