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    some background info on "Domino data can be deleted during server shutdown on UNIX and Linux platforms" SPR

    Vladislav Tatarincev  8 June 2011 13:53:41
    I opened PMR in IBM about this problem, and asked to put more background info about this PMR.
    Now we have several workarounds for this problem.

    Perform any of the following options to avoid unexpected file deletion:

        Option 1) Set a temporary directory in an environment variable
        Specify a Domino temporary directory path by setting the TEMP or TMP environment value. For example, export TEMP=/tmp/domino. If you use a shell file to start/stop Domino, include this command in your startup script.
        Option 2) Set a temporary directory in a notes.ini variable
        Specify the Domino temporary file path by setting a Notes_TempDir=/tmp/domino value in your Domino server's notes.ini file. The /tmp/domino directory should exist and have proper rights to be accessed.
        Option 3) Delete the ~notetmp.reg file
        If the ~notetmp.reg file has been created and exists in your Domino data directory, delete this file before shutting down your server.

            Delete the ~notetmp.reg file, NOT the ~notetp2.reg file
            If ~notetmp.reg does not exist yet, use options 1 or 2
            These files are in binary format and cannot be read in any text editor
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