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Avoid deleting users who left company from Reader/Authors fields and NAMES fields

Vladislav Tatarincev  15 September 2020 14:11:22

If you have ACL ACTION "MODIFY ALL NAMES FIELDS, OR READERS AUTHORS FIELDS"  then upon user rename, user is renamed by adminp in names fields and security fields.

Drawback is when user is leaving company and admin deletes user, if you have this setting enabled, then user will be deleted from all Names fields or Readers/Authors fields.

Which may lead to strange documents, like Approved by "Empty string", because person who approved left company and adminp deleted him from field.
Which is not ok, since breaks logic and compliance, we have to know who accepted document.

I got request from customer to modify my TDI script, to avoid this, and I did some reasearch on this.

I did some reverse engineering of Domino server code and found, that there are two undocumented parameters that made me very curious.


I opened ticket :) in HCL Support and HCL Support was fast like a rocket!  I got reply from Somnath and Development team that these two parameters will extend functionality of Delete action.

If you want rename, but want to skip DELETE in Names fields or Reader/Authors fields just enable these parameters. ADMINP_DISABLE_NAMEITEM_DELETE=1

HCL Will publish a technote on this topic today.   This is brand new, so before putting in production do proper tests in test environment!


I will be speaking on Russian Notes user group event, so everybody is welcome, content in English and Russian  https://en.rnug.ru/