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    Domino Single Copy Template Rocks! Saves disk space and and disk reads.

    Vladislavs Tatarincevs  31 July 2009 17:35:52
    One customer of mine, has outsourced a backup to one IT Company. They have limit how big amount of data they can backup per month, customer said that backuped amount of data is 8 time more then they should.  

    Checked backup policy, and whether Tivoli is used in a proper way, (FULL+Daily incremental backup (Transactional Logs)) enabled LZ1 attachment compression.

    After I have enabled Single Copy Template on this Server the amount of diskspace that mail folder allocates Dropped from 24,9GB to 13,9GB!!!
    Almost half of the volume!!!  Customer is on 8.x, so I think after upgrade to 8.5 and after DAOS implementation Mail File volume will be at least Two times less.

    One thing I am missing with STC is some kind of settings, that After I upgrade a server, server may notice that STC was used, so new Mail template that is shipped with this new release should also have STC checkbox checked.