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    IBM Notes 901FP10 for MAC is available for Download

    Vladislav Tatarincev  18 May 2017 10:03:20
    IBM Has published 901FP10 for Mac64 (there is no more 32 bit version)

    List of fixed issue in FP10 and previous versions can be found here

    Notes 64-bit 9.0.1 IF10    
    IFAY9TEJPU  Google Calendar Integration Using Google+ Fails        
    MDAIAL5Q8B  Fixed issue where users running Notes Mac 64-bit client (Release 9.0.1EXT SHF776) could not access servers with minimum client level restriction set to 901FP8.        
    PEDSA7QK9P Notes Client should detect authentication failure & request new LTPA from server.        
    RGAUA3PFNB Each Click On The Application Opens New Window Tab If "Run Server-based Xpages Applications Directly On Domino Server" is enabled.        
    RGAUA3RQ89 The Long Data Type Does Not Work As Expected On 64bit Mac OS X Yosemite With Notes 901 64-bit and Domino W64.        
    Notes 64-bit 9.0.1 IF9
    MEERAE33F9 Notes Client Quit Unexpectely After Password Input        
    Notes 64-bit 9.0.1 IF8
    JRMAAFXT8N Notes failed to launch on new MacBook with Touch Bar. (technote 1995145)        
    Notes 64-bit 9.0.1 IF7
    PPUEACE9H9 Security Bulletin: IBM Notes is affected with Open Source Apache Struts Vulnerabilities CVE-2016-1181 & CVE-2016-1182 (technote 1988182)        
    PPUEAAVCSJ Security Bulletin: IBM Notes is affected by OpenSource Apache Taglibs Vulnerability CVE-2015-0254 (technote 1989475)

    Download it self can be found here