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    input languge changes to other / wrong language when using Microsoft Remote Desktop from Mac OS X

    Vladislav Tatarincev  7 April 2016 11:21:28
    For 5 years I am happy Mac user. But one things was very annoying is connecting from My Machine to Windows Servers since I do some administration.

    I live in Latvia, while I am Russian. I know four languages Latvian, Russian, English and French. I have Latvian, Russian and English configured on my Mac,  but when I connect to Windows Server, all of a sudden, Microsoft selects for me Lithuanian Language, on remote server. Lithuanian keyboard layout is not matching Latvian layout, so every time you type a command it is typing wrong symbols.
    For people who do programming in Microsoft, Latvia and Lithuania are two independent countries, with their own languages. Latvia and Lithuania are part of Europe. Europe is a territory on the opposite side of Atlantic Ocean.
    Microsoft programmer who made this bug should wonder - Wow! There are countries except ours?

    Anyway, yesterday I found solution, it is configured on remote server. Solution is ok for your servers, but every news server should be reconfigured. May be some one knows hot to change this on Mac level.
    You should create a key in  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layout
    Key name is      IgnoreRemoteKeyboardLayout
    Type of key is REG_DWORD
    and value is 1

    Hope it will kelp you :)