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    Notes on Mac and some specific VPNs. Network_Resiliency=0

    Vladislav Tatarincev  1 April 2022 12:47:14

    While ago during 12.0 we faced issue that after upgrade to V12.0 Notes was able to work with our VPN server.
    Error message pointed to very low TCPIP level.

    and today my colleagues Stanislav Schvachko has found, that issue is finally resolved (actually 8 month ago, but only 70 as of today)
    Just enable Notes.ini parameter Network_Resiliency=0 , that will disable new V12 feature

    Network Resilence feature is v11 functionality, so upon timeout client is not frozen.

    Seems that in V12 this resilence feature was improved, but with some side effects.

    Here is a link to full technote.

    HCL Notes 12 on Mac cannot connect to the server over VPN