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    Text in many languages copied from Microsoft Word to IBM Notes loosing Unicode, unless you have hotFix and new Notes.ini

    Vladislav Tatarincev  3 March 2017 09:38:02
    I live in Latvia, were people speak daily in 3-4 languages. Majority of work information is in many languages.
    My customers reported to us, that if text is copied in Russian (Русский) to IBM Notes than this text is not properly copied. Later we figured out that this issue affects user if you have more that 2 non-English languages used on Your PC.  

    My colleagues made investigation and they figured out that if Your Windows Locale has one Language for Example Latvian or Polish, or French and you copy another language that is different from you Windows Locale than Unicode will be lost.

    We opened PMR and IBM confirmed this under SPR GTONAGLGBT . If you apply fix that you may get from IBM and apply new notes.ini parameter "EnableUnicodeCopyPasteFromWord=1"

    It seems that IBM will include this in next FP8 or FP9. Details will follow from IBM.