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    Traveler and fixes included in this release

    Vladislav Tatarincev  15 February 2017 20:30:48
    Traveler is available for download. more info on release here.

    Full list of things fixed is below or if you prefer official IBM link then here.


    APAR # Abstract
    APAR # Abstract
    LO88787 Event may not sync to mobile device if there is a replication conflict on the initial invitation document.
    LO90807 Better documentation and behavior when syncing documents that use an unsupported document encoding.
    LO90903 DBAccountsCheck utility may fail to recognize duplicate account for a user when the name is stored using different case.
    LO90926 Potential issue adding primary key to database schema on a stand alone Traveler server.
    LO90987 Event location information could be lost on a meeting that is updated from an iOS native calendar application.
    LO91052 Traveler database schema migration may fail on MS SQL Server when upgrading from to
    LO91141 Modified online meeting info may revert to original value when event is later rescheduled from mobile device.
    LO91227 Errors may be reported on Domino console when running Traveler cleanup on a stand alone server.
    LO91272 Subject of e-mail may get corrupted when reply/forward from a Windows 10 Pro device.
    LO91294 Last instance of a repeating all day event may be missing from iOS native calendar application.
    LO91353 DB2 server may select a bad query execution plan when some users have 50k+ mail documents causing high DB2 server CPU.
    LO91467 Event may not sync to mobile device if the time zone field has unexpected characters.
    LO91468 User with multiple devices set to different mail filters may not get expected mail filter on all devices.
    LO91485 Unable to add additional attachments when replying or forwarding an e-mail from a Windows mobile device.
    LO91580 Update APNS certificates, new expiration value is March 8th 2018.
    LO91585 Support for Java 1.8