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    Would it be nice if ALL Lotus BLOGGERs will have Lotusphere attendance for FREE? and those who are Certfied Advanced Developers/Administrators will have discounts???

    Vladislavs Tatarincevs  24 November 2008 17:18:55
    As far I know, some companies like Oracle, for people who do a lot of improvements / blogging in this technology offer to these people to participate in Oracle World for free or with a huge discount.
    Would it be nice if people who BLOG can participate in Lotusphere for free? IBM could do this step .
    It is sad, that I am as a DUAL PCLP certified 5.x, 6. 7.x, no longer have discount on registration to Lotusphere.

    If some people From IBM read this, can they comment what can be done, so more people who share their knowledge can meet not only on but also in Orlando.